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Quality Inspection

International Quality Standards
 We make sure that the merchandise is manufactured in accordance to your requirements and International Quality Standards (AQL).
Quality review of raw materials and finished products, in accordance with international quality standards AQL. The report primarily covers the following:

Machine and operator conditions during production. Positive and negative attributes of the product.
Flow from the production line.
Anomalies detected according to the following criteria established by the client.
Clear images of each process.
Choose in which stages you prefer our inspectors to verify your requirements:
 Pre – Production (0%)
(QIPP- Quality Inspection Pre-Production).
We verify the quality of the raw materials and the supply times.

 Early Production (1% - 20%)
QIEPS - Quality Inspection Early Production Stage).
We check customer requirements and detect deviations in a timely fashion.

 In – Process Production (21% - 99%)
(QIDPP - Quality Inspection during Production Process).
We verify the product in process to detect deviations and reduce risks in the rest of the production.

 Post Production (100%)
(QIAPP - Quality Inspection after production Process).
We verify random samples of finished products, under AQL* or client standard.
We adapt to the sample size you require to inspect, from 1% to 100% of the units.
76 Quality Inspection1
75 Quality Inspection2
74 Quality Inspection3

Factory Audit

Make sure a whole reliable supplier
 Factory audit to avoid establishing business relationships with unreliable suppliers. We audit the company as a whole:

Certifications. Licenses.
Conditions of the productive, administrative, and financial infrastructure.
Background investigation of the company.
with the relevant government agencies to ensure compliance with their tax, employer and commercial obligations.
Photographs of facilities, equipment, machinery and personnel. Any other aspect that is of importance to the client.

 First time buying From a supplier?
Save transportation costs of going to know the company in person, we audit them for you in their production plant and/or facilities.
We validate commercial references, operating and export licenses, interview production and export managers and the company owner.
We take photographs of the whole process for you so that you have the certainty that you'll be paying a company that is legally established and with a good reputation; avoiding fraud and other commercial risks.
4 Factory Audit1
5 Factory Audit2
6 Factory Audit3

Container Loading Inspection

Make your Customs Clearance faster
Our solution focuses in helping our clients to accelerate the customs clearance process for the importation of their shipments from ASIA. Clear Customs up to 48 hours faster!

Full cargo assessment and review: amount, packaging, labeling, shipping marks.
Products, packaging, labeling, cargo process and container sealing photographs.

Origin of Inspection
Physical review of goods at port of origin during container loading.

Fines as a consequence of errors and discrepancies at origin.
Extra-expenses due to poor labeling.
Damages caused by incorrect packaging, stowing, and loading.
Risk of incurring payments for storage and/or delay fees. Additional charges due to amending documents.

 Reduces:
Cost of maneuvers at destination port.
Customs clearance waiting times.
Uncertainty and doubts about the condition and labeling of your goods

Make your Customs Clearance faster!
1 Container Loading Inspection1
2 Container Loading Inspection2
3 Container Loading Inspection3


We Are Your Eyes
HIQC is an inspections&Compliance partner, our solutions are supplier audit and quality inspection and previous origin inspection with 22 years experience in Asia.
HIQC Inspections& Compliance is global Top 10+ inspection experts and preferred institutions.
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