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Standard Operating Procedure

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Booking Process.

1. Service Request.

The client or supplier requests the service from our Quality
Advisors in Asia. It is important to add the variables to be inspected and the tools to carry the inspection out (product photos, manuals, specifications, labels, packaging examples and stowage instructions).

2. Scheduling the Inspection.

Date and time of inspection is scheduled and reserved once
accepted or pre-authorized by the customer.

3. Execution.

One of our certified inspectors visits the factory, warehouse
or location designated by the customer and performs a quality or pre-shipment inspection, or a supplier audit.

4. End of Process.

Report sent to you in 48 business hours.


We Are Your Eyes
HIQC is an inspections&Compliance partner, our solutions are supplier audit and quality inspection and previous origin inspection with 22 years experience in Asia.
HIQC Inspections& Compliance is global Top 10+ inspection experts and preferred institutions.
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